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依据《中华人 民共和国合同法》的规定,经合同双方协商一致,签订本合同。

In accordance with the provisions of the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China, this contract is signed by both parties through negotiation.

一、 服务内容、方式和要求:

I. Service contents, methods and requirements:

1、甲方工作内容:1. Party A's work contents:

1甲方委托乙方承担 盟多地板(中国)有限公 司突发性环境事件应急预案 的编制工作;北京无 忧润色公司组织了国外相关领域的英文母语编辑,通过多 年的英文润色和英文学术翻译实践,形成了 稳定和成熟的英文润色和学术翻译流程。

(1) Party A entrusts Party B to undertake the preparation of contingency plans for sudden environmental incidents of MONDO Flooring (China) Co., Ltd.;

2甲方负责提供并保证 所提供材料的真实可靠性。

(2) Party A shall be responsible for providing the materials required by Party B to prepare the technical documents and ensure the authenticity and reliability of the materials provided.


2. Party B's work contents:

1)根据甲 方提供的该项目技术资料,研究该 项目的有关文件,得出结论。

(1) According to the technical data of the project provided by Party A, studying the relevant documents of the project, preparing the technical documents of the project, drawing conclusions and completing the preparation of the technical documents.

2)技术文 件在甲方按乙方要求提交齐编制所需所有资料之日起20个工作日内交付。

(2) The technical documents shall be delivered within 20 working days from the date when Party A submits all materials required for compilation according to Party B's requirements.


(3) If the project needs to be reviewed, coordination should be well done.

4)乙方按 合同规定时间提交技术文件一式 2  份。

(4) Party B shall submit the technical documents in duplicate according to the time stipulated in the contract.

二、工作条件和协作事项:II. Working conditions and cooperation matters:

甲方应 提供的技术资料、数据等,经乙方确认无误后,乙方开 始提供技术服务。

After Party B confirms that the technical documents and data that Party A shall provide are correct, Party B shall start to provide technical services. Party A shall assist in providing necessary working conditions when Party B arrives at the site.

三、履行期限、方式:III. Time limit and method of performance:

本合同有效期为:合同签 订之日起至技术文件交付甲方且技术服务费付清时止。

The period of validity of this contract is: from the date of signing the contract until the technical documents are delivered to Party A and the technical service fee is paid off.

履行方式:自合同签订之日起,在规定 时间内完成合同规定的工作内容,并向甲 方提交相关技术文件。

Performance method: from the date of signing the contract, completing the work specified in the contract within the specified time and submitting relevant technical documents to Party A.

四、技术文件完成后,由乙方 向相关行政主管部门报送,如需甲方配合报送,甲方需积极配合;如技术有修改意见,乙方应 在规定时间内完成,直至向 相关行政主管部门报送。IV. After the completion of the technical documents, Party B shall submit them to the relevant administrative departments. If Party A is required to cooperate in the submission, Party A shall actively cooperate; if there are any technical modification suggestions, Party B shall complete them within the specified time and submit them to the relevant administrative departments.


五、费用及其支付方式:V. Cost and payment method:

Party A shall pay Party B the remuneration for technical consultation and the payment method is as follows:

1.技术咨 询费经双方协商为人民币  25000.00   元整,大写: 贰万伍仟元整   包括以下:(应急预案说明、应急预案、应急资 源调查报告和风险评估报告的编制费用,专家评审会费用,文件报送费用   )。

1. The technical consultation fee is RMB 25,000.00 yuan only, in words: Twenty-five Thousand yuan only, including the following: (preparation cost of emergency plan description, emergency plan, emergency resource investigation report and risk assessment report, expert review meeting cost and document submission cost).

2.技术咨询费支付方式:2. Payment method of technical consultation fee:

□ On the day this contract is signed, Party A will allocate the fees agreed by both parties to Party B in one lump sum.

甲方在 本合同签定当日,将首款  12500.00   拨付给乙方;乙方交 付甲方技术文件当日,甲方将余款   12500.00   一次性拨付给乙方。

■ Party A will allocate the first 12,500.00 yuan to Party B on the date of signing this contract; on the day when Party B delivers the technical documents to Party A, Party A will pay the balance of 12,500.00 yuan to Party B in one lump sum.


□Other:                                                .

六、违约金 或者损失赔偿额的计算方法:违约方 应当按合同法的规定,承担违约责任。VI. Calculation method of liquidated damages or compensation for losses: if the technical service violates the stipulations of this contract, the breaching party shall bear the liability for breach of contract according to the stipulations of the Contract Law.

1.在合同履行期间,如甲方 要求中途停止或解除合同,不足一半时,付全部咨询费的一半,超过一半时,支付全部咨询费。

1. During the performance of the contract, if Party A requests to stop or terminate the contract midway, Party A shall calculate the technical consultation fee according to the actual workload already carried out by Party B. If it is less than half, Party A shall pay half of the total consultation fee, and if it is more than half, Party A shall pay all the consultation fee.

2.协议生效后,如乙方 要求中途停止或解除合同,乙方应 向甲方双倍退还甲方已付咨询费

2. After the agreement comes into effect, if Party B requests to stop or terminate the contract halfway, Party B shall refund Party A twice the consultation fee paid by Party A.

七、争议的解决办法:在合同 履行过程中发生争议,双方应当协商解决,也可以请求进行调解。当事人不愿协商、调解解决或者协商、调解不成的,可向河 北省廊坊市广阳区人民法院审诉。VII. Settlement of disputes: in case of disputes arising from the performance of the contract, both parties shall settle the disputes through negotiation or request mediation. If the parties are unwilling to settle the disputes through negotiation or mediation, or if negotiation or mediation fails, they may file a lawsuit with the People's Court of Guangyang District, Langfang City, Hebei Province.

八、双方均 对对方提供的技术情报、资料等承担保密义务,不论本合同是否变更、解除、终止,本条款长期有效。对本合 同任何条款的修改、补充或变更,双方必 须签订书面协议并签字盖章后方可生效。VIII. Both parties undertake the obligation to keep confidential the technical information and data provided by the other party. Whether this contract is changed, dissolved or terminated, this clause shall be long-term effective. Any amendment, supplement or change to any provision of this contract shall come into effect only after both parties have signed a written agreement and signed and sealed it.  北京无 忧润色公司组织了国外相关领域的英文母语编辑,通过多 年的英文润色和英文学术翻译实践,形成了 稳定和成熟的英文润色和学术翻译流程。

九、本合同一式叁份,甲方持壹份,乙方持贰份,具有同等法律效力。IX.This contract is made in triplicate, Party A shall hold one copy and Party B shall hold two copies with the equal legal force.